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The Adelaide Festival is one of Australia's best-known arts festivals, and considered by many to be among the world’s major celebrations. It takes place every year in March when city streets are filled with people from all walks who come together for culture at this event which has been going on since 1960. This year will feature performances across multiple venues including The Elder Park as well as other spots throughout downtown Adelaide like Odeon Theatre Norwood.

The Festival is a two-week event, where attendees can enjoy opera and theatre performances alongside contemporary art forms like performance paintings or video installations. The festival also features literature readings in addition to musical acts from across pop culture eras; all this cultural tourism brings extra visitors who contribute positively not only financially but emotionally too.

The Adelaide Festival is a prestigious Australian arts festival that takes place in March. It's internationally recognized as one of the best events for seeing what cutting edge, world class performances it has to offer. With such variety across music, theatre, dance, literature, visual art; this 2 week event really does provide audiences with something they'll never forget.

The program includes many different types or musical theatre shows; plays written by authors from all over Europe (including Russia.

History of Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival began when Sir Lloyd Dumas, an entrepreneur and philanthropist with ambitions for his home city of SA found that there was no major arts festival in all of South Australia. In the late 1950s, Sir Lloyd Dumas envisioned a major arts festival that would bring world-class cultural exhibitions to South Australia. He founded what is now known as The Adelaide Festival with support from members of his community who had attended an event similar enough in nature for them all to share together - Edinburgh International Festival.

The Adelaide Festival of Arts has been an annual event since 1962, with each festival offering a fresh array of traditional and contemporary arts. Over the years it's seen performances from many notable artists like Marlene Dietrich, Irish comedian Spike Milligan,The Royal Shakespeare Company, Tito Puente, Bayanihan Dance Company, and Frankfurt Ballet.

The 2008 addition of Northern Lights, a spectacular display for Adelaide’s distinctive architecture, was an attention-grabbing attraction. The festival typically drew several hundred thousand visitors every year in the 21st century

The South Australian Government's support for the Adelaide Festival led to its becoming one of Australia’s most successful festivals. They developed original events including Writers' Week, WOMADelaide World Music Event and now known as "Adelaide International". This programming initiative was curated by SAMSTAG Museum from 2010-2014.

The Adelaide Festival Corporation was established in 1998 as a statutory corporation by The Adelaide Festival Corporation Act 1998 (AFC). Reporting to the Minister for Arts, it had several other functions such as those of Arts South Australia and The Art Gallery until late 2018 when they transferred them all into direct oversight from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Arts and Culture section.

Adelaide Festival 2022

Adelaide Festival will start on the 4th of March and will end on the 20th.  So far there are 66 events lined up for the festival.  Choose from different categories like theatre, dance, contemporary music, classical music, opera, installation, talks, and visual arts. Writer’s Week will be on Sat 5 Mar to Thu 10 Mar, showcasing Australia's most interesting minds ready to share their ideas and insights.  As of January 2022, the festival board announced their new Chief Executive - Kath Mainland. 

The Adelaide Festival is a time for discovery and celebration. This year's program includes world premieres, Australian premiere performances of some incredible new works by artists from all around Australia as well 17 classic hits that you'll be sure not want to miss.

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